Parking is available in the lot on the north side of the church, accessible from Euclid Avenue, and on the lot behind the church, accessible from both Washington Avenue and the alley to the north of the church.

What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating and might bring to mind a few questions. What do I wear? How do I act? Is there a place for my children? Will I be welcomed?

At Trinity, you are invited to come just as you are and experience the grace and peace of Jesus Christ.

When you first come to Trinity, you will likely be welcomed by a greeter and given a service bulletin that includes hymn numbers, prayer responses, and announcements. If you have questions about the service, ask an usher or the greeter for an explanation. Members of Trinity are always happy and eager to help.

If you come early, you will see that some folks sit quietly in the pews before service to meditate and pray, while others chat with their neighbors and friends. During choir season, the choir practices about 15 minutes before service, so you might get to enjoy some pre-service music.

If you bring young children, you have several options. We offer Sunday school (expect in the summer months) for children pre-K through 6th grade during the 10:30 AM service. Sunday school is dismissed right before communion time, and children of all ages are invited back into the sanctuary to take communion with their parents/guardians. Professional childcare for children 0 - 5 is also available during the service. If you’d like to keep your child in the sanctuary with you during the entire service, you are more than welcome. We have a soft space designed especially for young families in the sanctuary stocked with soft toys, books, and coloring pages.

Trinity worships in a classic style. The hymns are accompanied by organ and/or piano, chanting is used for many of the prayers, incense is used to engage the senses, and worship leaders wear traditional robes and vestments. Although our worship might seem traditional, Trinity is not formal. Lots of folks worship in jeans, t-shirts, and shorts. Some people describe Trinity’s worship style as “smells, bells, and sneakers.”

All people are welcome at Trinity, and you’ll find a variety of folks in the pews of different colors, genders, sexualities, and abilities. Trinity has a proud history of affirming and welcoming members of the LGBTQ community, and our space is fully accessible.

At every service you’ll be invited to partake of communion. This is an ancient Christian ritual also called (The Lord’s Supper, the Mass, or the Eucharist). It is in this meal that Christ offers all people grace, forgiveness, and spiritual nourishment, and it is in this meal that we get a glimpse of the way the world should be, where everyone gets enough, no one is turned away, and no one has too much. All people are welcome to partake, regardless of religious background.

Trinity’s 10:30 AM service lasts about an hour and a half. The 8:00 AM service lasts about 50 min.

If you have any questions about Trinity and our worship, feel free to email the pastor at