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Trinity Times
September 21, 2017

Serving This Sunday
September 24, 2017
The 16th Sunday after Pentecost

8:00 a.m.
Chalice: George Friesen
Usher: Dolores Friesen
Breakfast: TBD
10:30 a.m. 
Deacon: The Rev. Harry Leip
Chalice 1: Brian Alms
Chalice 2: Steven Forsyth
Crucifer: Karin Layher
Thurifer: Lisa Will-Smith
Torches: Zoe Goffe, Riley Luebbers
Reader 1: Jeff Wunrow
Reader 2: Al Adams
Intercessor: Virginia Benson
Healing Ministers: Mary Seager, Mary Ellen Anderson
Eucharistic Visitors: Brian Alms, Darrell Berg
Ushers: Lisa Carpenter, Cheryl Wobbe
Greeter: Duncan McArthur
Sacristans: Jim Andris, Steven Forsyth
Flower Guild: Anne Hennig
Offering Counters: Lisa Carpenter, Skip Coburn
Monday Bread Pick-up: Ann Watts, Ron Willnow
Bread Bagger: Linda Eastman
Coffee Hour: Gloria Winston
Hot Lunch Provider: Central Reform Congregation
Hot Lunch Innkeeper: Bob and Ginny Crowley


Readings for this Sunday

Exodus 16:2-15
Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45 
Philippians 1:21-30
Matthew 20:1-16

Trinity Food Ministry

Thanks so much to Dave Mundy for orchestrating the donation from Schnuckís Market of a HUGE amount of frozen and packaged food last week. What a bounty. Whenever you shop there, use your eScrip card and thank the person who waits on you for Schnuckís support of our food pantry.
We need your clean plastic grocery bags!
Please note that contributions made to TFM via the PayPal link on Trinityís website do get to us, but we do not know if you are making that donation in memory of or in honor of someone. So while youíll get a super sincere Thank You Note from the wonderful Kathy van Bakergem, the person(s) youíre honoring or the family of the deceased will not know of your gift. The same is true for PayPal donations made to the parish, too.
On your shopping list: bars of soap, condensed chicken noodle soup, canned chicken or beef or Spam! 

Virtual Daily Prayer at Trinity 

Donít have time to swing by Trinity at 7:30 AM for Morning Prayer? Want to do the Daily Offices at home, but need help navigating the prayer book? Want to maintain a prayer discipline but donít know where to start?

Good news, virtual daily prayer is available online, and you can access it anytime that itís convenient for you.

and listen to/pray along with members of Trinity praying the Daily Offices of morning prayer, evening prayer, and compline. Prayers for the day will be posted before 5 AM, and you can access them online anywhere an internet connection is available. You can listen to the prayers on your commute, during your morning coffee, or at the gym. You can pray along with a prayer book, or just listen and let the words soak in.

Access the site via or visit Trinityís website for a link.



An up-to-date parish calendar is always available on our website ( Click on the calendar above to preview it!

Worship Schedule

Holy Eucharist
Sunday at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m.
  Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. and, during Lent, at 6:00 p.m.
  Wednesday at 12:10 p.m.
  Thursday at 6:30 a.m.
Family Service
9 a.m. 2nd Sundays, North Hall  (except July and August)
Morning Prayer
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 a.m.
7:00 p.m. 3rd Sundays

Recurring Calendar ItemsÖ

AA Open Meeting*, 4 p.m. Saturdays, SPH
AA Admin Meeting*, 7 p.m. 2nd Tuesdays, SPH
Arts Committee, 12p 2nd Sundays, NPH or Conf. Room
Coffee & Conversation, 9:30 a.m. Sundays, SPH
Choir Rehearsal, 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays
Dismantling Racism, 10 a.m. 1st Saturdays, NPH
Effort For AIDS Social*, 5 p.m. 4th Fridays, SPH
Film and Fellowship, 6:30 p.m. 2nd Tuesdays, NPH
Food Pantry, 1:30-3p Tues. & Wed., 4-5:30p Thurs., SPH
Growing American Youth*, 7 p.m. Thursdays, SPH
Hot Lunch Program: 2 p.m. Sundays, SPH
Holy Yarn, 12p 1st Sundays, NPH
League of Women Voters*, 10:30 am 2nd Sat, NPH
Meals on Wheels*, 9:30 a.m. M-F, SPH
Refuge Recovery*, 6:45p Mondays, NPH
Staff Meeting, 11:00 a.m. Tuesdays, NPH
Sunday School, 10:30 a.m., Pre-K through 6th grade, NPH
Vestry Meeting, 6:30 p.m.3rd Thursdays, NPH

*Non-parish group 

 Weekly Diocesan newsletter is available here

The Rev. Jon Stratton

The Rev. Harry Leip

Choirmaster and Organist
Jeffery Nall
Parish Administrator
Bill Ader
Food Ministry Manager
Barbi Click

Joyce Daughaday, Senior Warden  314-863-3559

Jeff Wunrow, Junior Warden  314-327-4200

Michael Biggers
Adrienne Fly
Michael Fowlkes
Jean Frazee
Anne Hennig
Lawrence Holmes
Tammy O'Donnell

Quick Links

Diocesan Womenís Retreat
Interwoven ~ Sisters, Mothers, Friends  Nourishing our souls with fiber art, music and the wisdom of the ancients.
Date: November 10 - November 11. registration starts at 3:00 pm on November 10 and the closing Eucharist is expected to end at 3:00 pm on November 11
Venue: the Mercy Retreat and Conference Center 2039 Geyer Road St. Louis (Creve Couer) 63131
Cost: the Diocese of Missouri ECW Board is underwriting a little more than half the cost. Therefore the attendees pay $45.
Facilitators: The Rev. Emily Hillquist Davis (priest), Mary Drastal (artist) and Lura Koch (musician)
See the flyer on the bulletin board for more details.

Building Use During Protests and Demonstrations
As most of you are aware, over 1,000 protesters and demonstrators converged the Central West End last Friday evening in response to the Jason Stockely verdict. Several Trinitarians were amongst those demanding justice for black lives, and we opened the doors to the South Parish Hall for folks to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, and enjoy a wide array of granola bars. Our presence was greatly appreciated, especially by the gentlemen who received first aid treatment in our space after being indiscriminately tear gassed by the police.
I am thankful for Barbi Click, Debbie Wheeler, Faith Sandler, Ann Watts, and Cody Burleson (if Iíve left anyone out Iím sorry, it was a long night) for making sure our building was open and that everyone who entered through our doors was treated with hospitality and respect.
We may be called upon to open our doors in the near future, and if that happens, I want to be clear that Trinity will always be a safe sanctuary space for demonstrators, and police will not be allowed entrance to arrest or search for anyone in or on our property without a proper warrant.
Also, I thought everyone would like to know that when the police chased a group of about 100 demonstrators into Central Reform Congregation and threatened to gas or arrest anyone who came out, there was murmuring and complaining coming from the demonstrators because CRC didnít have the fancy chocolates and cucumber infused water that they received at Trinity. Watch out for positive reviews on Yelp!
In Christ,

 Welcome Nancy Emmel
Nancy began serving as our Sunday school coordinator and Eden Seminarian intern last week and will be with us until the end of the 2018 spring semester. As well as studying at Eden, Nancy is a lawyer for the city of St. Louis and is in the process of ordination in the Ecumenical Catholic Church. On the 2nd Sunday of the month, youíll see Nancy in the altar party at the 10:30 AM service, and if you see her on Sunday, be sure to say hi and welcome.
(Nancy is on the left)


New Artistic Opportunity
In addition to the new Parish Gallery which has had several successful exhibits already, your Arts Committee has created the Memorial Gallery in the hallway between Father Jon's office and the sacristy. This space is dedicated to the memory of the many talented artists who have called Trinity home over the years. The Memorial Gallery is set aside for parishioners and others closely connected to Trinity to display their own creative endeavors. You need not be a professional, just someone who loves what you do and wants to share it with the rest of us.  Anna Layher's photos were the first exhibit in this new space. If you have artwork you would like to share with us:  photography, painting, drawing, textiles, or anything else, please email Robin Morgan, who is coordinating the exhibits in this new space. You can reach her at

Theology Thursdays

On the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, Trinity offers a theology class on world religions and the Episcopal approach to religious pluralism. Theology Thursdays are designed around a lecture format that encourages stimulating discussion and reflection on God, the world, and our relationships with our neighbors. 

Have you ever wondered about the differences and commonalities between Christianity and the other major world religions? How can we Christians better dialogue and love our non-Christian and/or non-Episcopalian neighbors if we do not explore how they connect to God and creation? Come and let us be enriched by and discuss the theologies, ethics, and rituals of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Christian denominations in order to increase our vocabulary for interfaith relations. The classes will consist of lecture and discussion. No prior reading is necessary.

When: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month beginning in September at 6:30 PM

Where: North Parish Hall 

Pew Rack Maintenance Needed!
We are hoping to find one or more people who would be willing to straighten and restock the pew racks periodically - prayer books and hymnals in order, supplies of envelopes and welcome cards and pens refreshed. If you feel the Joy of Tidying Up, bring that gift to Trinity. Check with Jon about this fabulous opportunity!

Healing Ministry
Every Sunday at Trinity, anointing and the laying on of hands is available in the chapel during communion. If you are interested in serving as a healing minister who prays for those of us who are sick or facing a struggle, please contact Fr. Jon.

Book Group

We are changing the date of Book Group.  We will not be meeting again until the 21st or third Saturday of October.  We will still meet at the home of Hazel and Tom Kirk, 16 Schultz Rd., at 7pm  We will be discussing the two disturbing books which imagine life being completely controlled by a government.  They are ď1984Ē by George Orwell and ďThe Handmaidís TaleĒ by Margaret Attwood.  Please come.  Everyone is invited.

We keep in our prayers those who are ill or in need
Dave Rueschhoff
Joyce Daughaday, in the hospital for treatment of a serious illness
Jeff Farris, acoustic neuroma
John Works
Mick Maurer
Stephen Nichols
Sharron Underwood
Martha Bradley
Langdon Thacher
Charlene Wright
Betsey Gardner
Karen Opp
Pat Way
Barbara Bradshaw
Jane Edwards
Martha Ficklen
Margaret Kane

Family Members:
Jaye Shorter, niece of Mary Ellen Anderson, health and focus
Zuset Worland, daughter-in-law of Kate and Julien, high-risk pregnancy
  in Seoul, South Korea.
Lynn Dickinson, Nancy Dickinson's daughter
Beth James Anderson, Adrienne Fly's sister-in-law, breast cancer
John Gotscvhall, Jeff Wunrow's cousin, multiple myeloma
Kelsey Droege, Edward Riedel's niece, pregnancy problems
Margie, Dolores Friesen's sister
Kirsten Taylor, Kate Haggans' niece, breast cancer
JoAnn Burkart, Charlene Wright's step-mother
Steve Dunbar, Joan Dunbar's nephew, back problems
Janice, Stephen Nichols's sister
Frank, Dolores Friesen's brother

Jeffrey Ashbaugh, friend of Mary Seager
Jillian and DAH, friends of Mary Taylor
Dennis K., friend of Catherine Tierney, liver cancer
Colin, friend of Julien Worland, recovering from head injury after bike
Isabelle Gandaho, friend of Adrienne Fly
Everlena Starks, food pantry volunteer
Bob H., friend of Cathy Tierney, melanoma
Katie B., friend of Cathy Tierney, breast cancer
Brandon and Chelsea, friends of John Desper, expecting premature child
Amelia Louise, premature daughter of friend of Ron Tompkins
Alexa Gentry, friend of Brian Alms
Craig Kirksey
Sara, friend of the Worlands, depression
Jay Shuldiner, friend of Brian Alms
Patricia, Seth, and Ann Catherine Draper, friends of Steven Forsyth
Todd and family, friends of John Desper
Sidney G., friend of Mary Seager
Sam and Carolee M., friends of Denver and Charlene Wright
Margie S., friend of Charlene Wright, breast cancer
Pat R., friend of Cathy Tierney, bladder cancer
Sally A., friend of Pamela Hardester, cancer
The Rev. Ken Yerkes, friend of Brian Alms
Jeanne G., friend of Martha Baker, debilitation and frailty
Brian N. friend of Ann Watts, cancer
Jennifer M., friend of Ann Watts, cancer
Don T., friend of Brian Alms, congestive heart failure
Gary L., friend of Brian Alms
Peg and Harry H., friends of Joan Dunbar
William B., friend of Darrell Berg

For the Clergy of the Diocese: Jack Fleming, Teresa Danieley, Marylen Stansbery

Serving in the Military: Maj. John Worland, deployed to the DMZ in Korea.

Birthdays: Ellie Chapman, Karen Biggs, Christina Krug, Tammy O'Donnell, Margaret Kane