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Trinity Times
August 9, 2018

Serving this Sunday
August 12, 2018
The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

8:00 a.m.
Chalice: Darrell Berg
Usher: Tom Kirk
Eucharistic Visitor: George Friesen
Breakfast: TBD
10:30 a.m. 
Chalice 1: Brian Alms
Chalice 2: Steven Forsyth
Crucifer: Mike Fowlkes
Torches: Cody Burleson, Linda Small
Reader 1: Hazel Kirk
Reader 2: Bill Mayhan
Intercessor: Al Adams
Healing Ministers: Hazel Kirk, Steven Forsyth
Ushers: Ron D’Aloia, David Mundy
Greeter: Catherine Tierney
Sacristans: Ron Tompkins, Lisa Carpenter
Flower Guild: Pat Way
Offering Counters: Jim O’Bannon, Jeanie Frazee
Coffee Hour: Anne Hennig
Monday Bread Pick-Up: Jen Sweet
Bread Bagger: Valerie Rutterer
Hot Lunch Provider: Grace Episcopal Church and
  1st Church of Christ, Scientist
Hot Lunch Innkeeper: Adrienne Fly


Readings for this Sunday

2 Samuel 18:5-9, 15, 31-33
Psalm 130
Ephesians 4:25-5:2
John 6:35, 41-51

Trinity Food Ministry News

How we look forward to holidays and vacations! This past week the Food Pantry was closed because of the Summer Camp. I loved my week away from all the scurry and hurry that goes on from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays. I spent most of the week outdoors enjoying the river, the pines, and the quiet.

Yet … while we were closed, people were still hungry. To many, Trinity South Parish Hall is known as a place of respite, of good food, and of fellowship. I cannot tell you how many people told me today (Tuesday) how much we were missed.
While we offer groceries for families and singles, some people don’t have a place to store it or cook it. So, the meals are vitally important to people who are homeless or living in a single room.

Hunger and homelessness do not take a vacation. Please remember the Food Pantry when you shop.

NEW white crew socks, new men’s boxers, Soap (bar)
Single serving foods, Fruit cups, Soft cereal bars, small containers of peanut butter, saltine crackers

Trinity Hot Lunch
Did you know that there is a new thing at Trinity Hot Lunch on Sundays? At 1:40 p.m. just before Hot Lunch begins, we are sharing a short service in the Memorial Garden -- singing a song, reading a Psalm and the Gospel, praying prayers of the people, and a Eucharist.

Would you like to play the guitar? Read a lesson? Just sit and listen? Come and see what God is doing.

Virtual Daily Prayer at Trinity 

Don’t have time to swing by Trinity at 7:30 AM for Morning Prayer? Want to do the Daily Offices at home, but need help navigating the prayer book? Want to maintain a prayer discipline but don’t know where to start?

Good news, virtual daily prayer is available online, and you can access it anytime that it’s convenient for you.

and listen to/pray along with members of Trinity praying the Daily Offices of morning prayer, evening prayer, and compline. Prayers for the day will be posted before 5 AM, and you can access them online anywhere an internet connection is available. You can listen to the prayers on your commute, during your morning coffee, or at the gym. You can pray along with a prayer book, or just listen and let the words soak in.

Access the site via or visit Trinity’s website for a link.



An up-to-date parish calendar is always available on our website ( Click on the calendar above to preview it!

Worship Schedule

Holy Eucharist
Sunday at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m.
  Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. and, during Lent, at 6:00 p.m.
  Wednesday at 12:10 p.m.
  Thursday at 6:30 a.m.
Family Service
9 a.m. 2nd Sundays, North Hall  (except July and August)
Morning Prayer
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 a.m.
7:00 p.m. 3rd Sundays

Recurring Calendar Items…

AA Open Meeting*, 4 p.m. Saturdays, SPH
AA Admin Meeting*, 7 p.m. 2nd Tuesdays, SPH
Arts Committee, 12p 2nd Sundays, NPH or Conf. Room
Coffee & Conversation, 9:30 a.m. Sundays, SPH
Choir Rehearsal, 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays
Effort For AIDS Social*, 5 p.m. 4th Fridays, SPH
Film and Fellowship, 6:30 p.m. 2nd Tuesdays, NPH
Food Pantry, 1:30-3p Tues. & Wed., 4-5:30p Thurs., SPH
Growing American Youth*, 7 p.m. Thursdays, SPH
Hot Lunch Program: 2 p.m. Sundays, SPH
Holy Yarn, 12p 1st Sundays, NPH
League of Women Voters*, 10:30 am 2nd Sat, NPH
Meals on Wheels*, 9:30 a.m. M-F, SPH
Refuge Recovery*, 6:45p Mondays, NPH
Staff Meeting, 11:00 a.m. Tuesdays, NPH
Sunday School, 10:30 a.m., Pre-K through 6th grade, NPH
Vestry Meeting, 6:30 p.m.3rd Thursdays, NPH

*Non-parish group 

 Weekly Diocesan newsletter is available here

The Rev. Jon Stratton

The Rev. Harry Leip

Choirmaster and Organist
Jeffery Nall
Parish Administrator
Bill Ader
Food Ministry Manager
Barbi Click

Wes Ragland

Adrienne Fly, Senior Warden  314-805-8254

Michael Fowlkes, Junior Warden  314-725-5059

Fritzi Baker
Jean Frazee
Anne Hennig
Lawrence Holmes
Tammy O'Donnell
Horace Walcott
Carter Whitson

Quick Links

Pastoral Care Committee

This group exists to identify pastoral needs in the congregation and to address those needs. They arrange for meal deliveries, will notify clergy if visits are needed and will assist with transportation to church on Sundays.  This committee also communicates with parishioners during times of transition.  For additional questions or if you have such a need, please contact Father Jon.

The parish office closes at noon on Fridays June, July, and August.

Sunday school for children this Sunday
Teacher: Nancy Emmel
Classroom Aide: Betty Weber
Lesson: Deborah
Snacks: Pretzels, cheese sticks, milk, apples

Noonday Forum This Sunday in the North Parish Hall
You are invited to a noonday forum this Sunday on the topic of Christian education and spiritual formation at Trinity. Beginning in September, we will launch a new curriculum for Christian education and offer three learning opportunities each Sunday. At this Sunday’s forum, you will receive class syllabi, get the scoop on class topics and format, and provide your input.
Childcare will be provided.
When and where: North Parish Hall @ 12:15, Sunday August 12th.

“Low Church” August at Trinity
For the month of August, Trinity is going “Low Church,” which means we’ll try worshiping God without incense and chant. Gasp! But don’t worry, this is only for the month of August. When September rolls around, we’ll be back to our Anglo-Catholic ways, and the smoke will smell even sweeter.

Fox 2 News Video on Blessing of Bicycles


Noonday Forums in August, Mark Your Calendar
There will be three important Noonday forums in August that all members of Trinity are strongly encouraged to attend. The first will be on August the 12th and will be about a new program of Christian education that will start in September. There will be two additional forums (August 19th and August 26th) that will be about a series of Saturday evening worship services that will be offered in September.
The Saturday services and the new Christian education program are both significant developments in the life of the community, and you are strongly encouraged to add your voice to the discussion. The forums will take place in the North Parish Hall and end no later than 1 PM.

Communications Committee Seeking Video Editor

“There are many gifts of the Holy Spirit, to some the shooting of video footage, to some the editing of video footage.”  -  Modern Proverbs 2:13-14  

The Communications Committee is looking for someone with video editing skills who would be willing to volunteer some time occasionally to work on small projects for the church. Attendance at committee meetings is optional.  If you have these skills that you are willing to share, please email  Thanks very much!

Trinity Art Club
It is with a good deal of sadness that we bid farewell to Molly Green, one of our Art Directors. She has taken a new job that demands a great deal of her. We are sorry to lose her but very happy that she is doing something that she loves. Thank you, Molly, for sharing this past year with us as we find our way in this Art Club.
Con is back! She has been in the Netherlands this past July teaching for Webster University. We welcome her return this Saturday, August 11 and look forward to hearing of her adventures.

We will be searching for a new person to take Molly’s place. If you know of someone who would like to work two to three Saturdays per month with a great group of people, please get in touch with Barbi Click at

New Exhibit
The Memorial Gallery is now featuring a new exhibit entitled “A Collection of Prose Poems” written by Lawrence Holmes.  You are invited to savor seven poems that are humorous? poignant? insightful? and certainly fun.

Summer Sunday School for Children 2-6
Traditionally, Trinity Sunday school has gone on break in June, July, and August, but this year, Sunday school will continue for children ages 2-6 throughout the summer. Childcare will be provided for children ages 0-2. The Sunday school content will be specifically targeted for children between the ages of 2-6, but any child under 12 is welcome to attend and serve as “helpers” for the teachers and aides.

Trinity Book Group
For August we are discussing the book by Jodi Picoult called "Small Great Things." Critics say this is the author's best book so far. It "tackles race, privilege, prejudice, justice and compassion-and doesn't offer any easy answers." We will meet at 7 pm on August 18th at the home of Dorothy and Ray Becvar, at 6330 San Bonita in Clayton.

Would you like a nametag?

Are you new? New-ish? Lost yours? If you would like a Trinity nametag, please email and ask for one, specifying how you would like your name to appear.

Updating the Prayer List
One of the joys of being part of a church community is knowing you are uplifted in prayer during times of trouble, struggle, or need. The parish prayer list is a valuable intercession tool, and in order to make sure it stays fresh, the prayer list will be updated monthly. Starting in March of this year, all names will be removed from the list on the first of the month. If you’d like your name to continue to appear, that’s no problem. All you need to do is, during the first of the month, ask our Parish Administrator Bill to keep your name on the list. And unlike library books, you can renew your name as many times as you’d like.
As a reminder, there are two ways to get your named added. You can either contact Bill or Fr. Jon with your request.

We keep in our prayers those who are ill or in need
Nan Sweet
Martha Ficklen
Stephen Nichols
Bruce Baldwin
Betsey Gardner
David Fly
Joyce Daughaday
Jeff Farris

Friends and Relatives:
Susan Weber, Michael Luebbers' sister
Michael Nickelson, Dave  Rueschhoff's partner
Marylyn Berthelette, friend of Mary Seager
Beverly Ludrick, friend of Mary Seager
Cheryl and Jimmie, friends of Mary Seager
Rosalyn M., friend of Mary Seager
Dee Farris, Jeff Farris' mother
William Boothby, friend of Darrell Berg
Gary Sykes, friend of Hazel Kirk
Tom, Dolores Friesen's brother
Jay Shuldiner, friend of Brian Alms
Chloe Peistrup, Virginia Benson's cousin, ATV accident
Bill, friend of George Friesen, cancer and failing memory
Karen Brantner, Kris Zapalac's cousin, pancreatic cancer
Rich Fernandez, friend of Kris Zapalac and Jerry Martin, lung cancer
Dennis K., friend of Catherine Tierney, liver transplant
Pat R., friend of Cathy Tierney, bladder and breast cancer

Birthdays: Annie Hoffmeister, Jenny Weber, Dennis Moorehead, Tracie Goffe, Virginia Benson

For the Clergy of the Diocese:
Jack Fleming, Teresa Danieley

Serving in the Military: Maj. John Worland, deployed to the DMZ in Korea

Departed: The Rev. Kevin Selle

The Community of St. Francis Episcopal Church, Dean Bradley